For Laser Cutting and Engraving on Vancouver Island

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Ahead Designs Ltd has been serving the BC community since 2003. We specialize in Laser cutting , engraving and laser machine maintenance

- Cut Up to 1" thick Acrylic
- Etch on most any material
- Cut Wood up to 1/4"

Why Laser:

  • Extremely small kerf width (typically 0.007")
  • Small kerf width together with accurate drive system allows intricate designs to be cut
  • No special tooling is required.
  • Minimal (if any) secondary part clean up due to clean edge left after laser cutting
  • A small heat affected zone
  • The Laser is accurate and repeatable giving you consistent part quality. Once the drawing is programmed the laser can cut anywhere from 1 to 1000?s of parts.
  • Accurate to within +-0.005" (Greater accuracy can be achieved - call for details)


  • Gussets
  • Brackets
  • Art
  • Signs
  • Tabs
  • Suspension Components
  • Plus Anything that you can think of requiring a 2D profile

Other Services:

  • Repair and Maintenance; if your laser is giving you trouble call us for a free consultation
  • Design; if you have an idea we can help you design it and get ready for manufacturing


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